Luxury & comfort

Luxury and comfort line of products for Retail and Catering.
Why luxury, why comfort? All products are very tasteful, easy to prepare, only needs to heat up!


We have an extensive line of exclusive and delicious products for Retail and Catering. All products are prepared in the traditional way with only the best ingredients. Our product range are all “oven ready ‘and taste as homemade and even better. In short our line consists 6 main groups. Appetisers, Entrée and snacks, Casseroles, Lasagnes, Pies, Croquette. Our New range Retail “Partiny” is an attractive range of 5 different appetizers 2 Bite–size& ideal for sharing occasions, oven able & very convenient, Traditional Party Food Products, Mini Hamburgers / Mini Zakouskis, Mini Pizza’s / Mini Sausage Rolls, Mini Croque Monsieur.
All our Retail packing “Partiny” contains the following languages: Fr- Esp. – Dutch – Eng.- German

This  presentation is soon available in English, at the moment we are working on it.
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We offer arrange delicious products for all our little and big friends in Catering. In this beautiful family business, we produce our products with the utmost craftsmanship. To bake pancakes, Dutch mini pancakes, crêpes and waffles is a true profession! That is why we have been doing this for you since 1987. All our products are ready to serve and are being delivered to you frozen. It should not come as a surprise to you that (Dutch mini) pancakes are very popular items in the catering industry nowadays. You probably know that not every business has the right knowledge, ingredients and time to meet the demands of the customers between the normal course of events, which often results in a disappointment for the customer. People will always want to eat pancakes, mini pancakes and crêpes, because they like it and because it is affordable. We have therefore decided to respond to this demand. After some time of testing we have developed a sophisticated process, which allows you to have frozen hand-made (Dutch mini) pancakes and waffles at any time.