Meat raw


These products are intended for further industrialprocessing and are only for use in heat treated products. Our products have a consistent quality to meet the highest European standards requirements and guidelines. We produce the following products; MDM meat Chicken and Turkey Baader Meat, Chicken 3 MM and Chicken breast skin.
Certification HACCP AND BRC.

Meat carpaccios


Our carpaccio factory is a modern and active company operating successfully on an international level. We have Carpaccio’s for Retail and Catering, Carpaccio’s Rolls and Pulled products a wide range quality products.
Carpaccio’s for Retail and Catering
A small selection of our range Carpaccio’s are: Of course the Beef carpaccio in the variety’s -Beef Fillet, -Inside round, -Sirloin, -Babytops, and the technical parts topside or knuckle for the Regular carpaccio. But also Fish (Salmon, Salmon-Halibut and Tuna), Game (Deer) and Crustacea (Coquille St. Jacques, Gamba and Langoustine) carpaccio.
Carpaccio Rolls
Our tailor made special products the best there is as for instance Carpaccio Rolls available in : Coquilles St. Jaques, Gamba shrimps, Norwegian Salmon, Norwegian Salmon/Halibut, Tuna Octopus premium.
Pulled Products
And last but not least a great line of Pulled Products, finger licking good available in 100gr, 150gr and in rolls of 3 kilo like: Salmon, Pork, Beef, Duck, and Chicken.

Carpaccio’s serving suggestions


We have created a small booklet for you full with ideas. Our Carpaccio’s and Rolls are made from the highest quality fish and meat. Tasteful, delicious, and easy to serve!
Pulled products
Our pulled products are made from the highest quality meat and fish. Tasteful, delicious, and easy to serve, the only thing to do is just heating up! Please see below several suggestions, you can see how easy it is to serve great plates to your own idea.

Meat precooked


The Oriental Experience!
We have a wide range of products as well for Catering as for the Retail. The main product being roast duck, roast duck fillet roost pork products a unique product on the market. We produce authentic Asian ready-cooked products like Canton Style Roasted pork, Crispy roasted Pork, Cheung Pao whole Chicken and least but not last our famous traditional authentic Roasted Peking Duck. Roasted Peking Duck is a traditional Chinese dish. An authentic way to eat Peking Duck is with pancakes and hoisin sauce. We also produce boneless roasted duck filets, and whole roasted duck. Now everybody can enjoy from the excellent authentic Asian ready-cooked products like Canton Style Roasted pork, Crispy roasted Pork, Cheung Pao whole Chicken and last but not least our famous traditional authentic Roasted Peking Duck.

Meat precooked serving suggestions


Authentic Asian Canton style, ready cooked and roasted products. The oriental experience! We have created the real authentic Asian kitchen for you! Tasteful, delicious, crispy roasted products! Our products are all cooked ready. The uniqueness of our products is just heating up in the microwave or oven. Ready to serve, ready to eat, just heating up! Serve with rice, noodles, fried rice, delicious wok vegetables and fresh salads! It’s Finger Licking Good!